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The Heart of Coaching

Creating a Culture of Communication: 
Skills for Developing Engagement and Accountability 


What could be possible?

What could be possible if your organization’s culture expected that everyone engage courageously in candid, respectful coaching conversations with one another, unrestricted by reporting relationships, about how they can improve their working relationships as well as individual and collective performance? 

For starters, results would improve dramatically. This experiential workshop allows you to learn and practice a robust set of communication, accountability and engagement skills that have been proven to transform organizations — when modeled by committed leaders.

This workshop teaches participants to:

  • Use a transformational collaborative communications model that serves as a roadmap for emotionally intelligent, productive business conversations between colleagues
  • Leverage the interplay among four key performance elements — beliefs, behaviors, relationships and results — as they relate to coaching and feedback
  • Identify eight types of coaching conversations and practice several at the workshop
  • Develop your personal commitment statement about how you plan to coach, as well as to give and receive actionable feedback 
  • Differentiate the practices of collegial coaching compared with those of professional coaching
  • Coach people through change
  • Gain a new understanding of the role of accountability in getting results, including a set of questions to do a “self-check” on your personal accountability
  • ll of these take-aways will help you contribute to the creation of a sustainable, high-performance organization.

Who should attend:

This workshop is designed for leaders and their teams who want to create more openness, trust, and collaboration in order accelerate achieving their organizational strategy and goals.