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Great Questions Lead to Great Results

When my coaching clients say, "That's a great question!" it's music to my ears. That's when I know I've helped them see their business issues and leadership practices from a fresh perspective -- a perspective that paves the way for positive change and better results.

Are you a senior leader who MUST get results through other people? Do you get frustrated when others underperform your expectations?

If so I can help. I've taken my two decades of hands-on experience in general management, marketing, and international business development with AirTouch and Verizon Wireless and applied it to my executive coaching practice. Though based in San Diego, the phone allows me to extend my practice across the country and around the world.

My clients describe my style as a combination of straight talk, humor and compassion. If they appreciate having a sounding board, are intrigued by challenging questions, and are willing to try out new behaviors, I know they're my ideal clients.

I help you achieve success by: 1) asking questions so you look at things from new perspectives, 2) sharing state-of-the-art leadership models, 3) pushing you to be more strategic in both your business and personal life, and 4) holding you accountable to your goals and values. 

Whether you’re new to coaching or not, I invite you to call me for a complimentary conversation to learn more about my unique approach. If you’re new to coaching, I’ll spend time reviewing the coaching process and how it impacts leadership style, employee engagement, teamwork, customer satisfaction, and the bottom line.

I’m looking forward to scheduling time to talk!


Leadership Development; Employee Engagement; Strategy Execution, Getting Results through Other People; High Potential Individuals; Team Building; Emotional Intelligence; Onboarding; Performance Planning; Mindfulness; DISC; 360 Feedback; Change Management; Delegation; Operations; Productivity

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Ready to take it to the next level?  Call me  today to discuss how I can help you!

Ready to take it to the next level? Call me today to discuss how I can help you!