Past clients are enthusiastically recommending Sharon!

"Sharon is a master at her craft, a highly-skilled and accomplished professional..." - Kurt May, Chairman and Co-founder at Psynomics Inc.

“Sharon is absolutely excellent. She is not a 'fluffy coach' but has real operating experience..."  - Ingolv Urnes, Founder & Principal at psHEALTH, UK

"Sharon is an extraordinary coach. She brings deep expertise as a senior manager to her approach. She is committed, creative, and pragmatic. ..."Leah Rosovsky, Vice President, Strategy and Programs at Harvard University

“My experience with Sharon has been, and continues to be, outstanding! She has been a valuable resource..." - Rich Israel, President, Pacific South Coast Chapter, National MS Society

"Work With Her!” - Marilyn J. Magett, MBA, CFO & Strategic Financial Partner

"I recommend her enthusiastically!" - Chad Raube, President & CEO at Guaranty Services Group

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How much could you strengthen your leadership and reduce your stress if you had a business confidante you could open up to and really trust, who has experienced what it's like to be "in your chair?"

A coach, confidante, and trusted advisor who would:

  • Encourage you to identify areas where changes would virtually guarantee improvements in both your business results and your quality of life 
  • Facilitate breakthrough learning that allows you to see possibilities you never noticed before
  • Support you in developing an action plan to free yourself of unproductive behaviors
  • Provide an independent perspective on your work style free of any political or personal agendas
  • Reveal the truth about how you appear to colleagues and staff
  • All while maintaining the importance of balance in your life, however you define that

Coaching for Leadership and Change with Sharon Griggs — brings those benefits, and more, to their clients.

Professionally, Sharon achieved success in general management and international business development with AirTouch Communications, now Verizon Wireless. Academically, she earned her MBA from Harvard University.

With experience spanning start-ups, turnarounds, and staff engagement, Sharon and her affiliates know first-hand the issues you're facing today.

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